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These may be included within set-lists by using various templates, which are listed here.

Adagio for Strings

Riff or jam
Name Adagio for Strings
Artist Samuel Barber
Writer/composer Samuel Barber
Appearance 9th April 2011, 28th August 2011

Adagio in G minor

Riff or jam
Name Adagio in G minor
Artist Tomaso Giovanni Albinoni
Writer/composer Remo Giazotto
Appearance 2006, 2010
Adagio in G minor was actually composed by Remo Giazotto based on Albinoni's Sonata in G minor. A fragment of the Sonata was found amidst the ruins of the Saxon State Library, Dresden, bombed by the Allies in World War II.[1] While the piece was not actually written by Albinoni, it is commonly attributed to him. It was played as a short jam before Time Is Running Out on the earlier half of the 2006 tour. This arrangement featured Bellamy's Kaoss Pad, with Wolstenholme playing single notes on bass, and no percussion. This made its return when Bellamy got his doubleneck Manson guitar. Currently, he plays this as in the intro to Resistance with the top neck. He can be seen doing so in the footage of Resistance at Glastonbury 2010. The piece is transposed to A minor, the key of Resistance, for live performances.

Adagio sostenuto

Adagio sostenuto means 'Sustained & At Ease' and is the tempo and name of many classical pieces, not just Rachmaninov's Piano Concerto No. 2. The piece played at the Seattle gig is indeed the piece played at the end of Neutron Star Collision, but is not taken from Rachmaninov's Piano Concerto No. 2. It is only similar in it's tempo and pace. The piece is pretty much written by Matthew Bellamy.

Riff or jam
Name Adagio sostenuto
Artist Sergei Rachmaninov
Writer/composer Sergei Rachmaninov
Appearance 22nd November 2003
A short section of the second movement of Rachmaninov's piano concert № 2.


Riff or jam
Name L'Arena (from Il Mercenario)
Artist Ennio Morricone
Writer/composer Ennio Morricone
Appearance 2010
L'Arena is the main theme tune for the Sergio Corbucci Spaghetti Western, Il Mercenario [en: The Mercenary], composed by Ennio Morricone. It was played by Matthew Bellamy during the US leg of The Resistance tour in 2010, as an introduction to Time Is Running Out. It can be heard here from the Seattle KeyArena gig in 2010.


Riff or jam
Name Asturias
Artist Isaac Albeniz
Writer/composer Isaac Albeniz
Appearance 13th August 200820th May 2011
Asturias first appeared at the Marlay park gig, Dublin, as an intro to Time Is Running Out.

Blue Valentine

Riff or jam
Name Blue Valentine
Artist Tom Waits
Writer/composer Tom Waits
Appearance 21th September 2007
Blue Valentine was played during the 2007 tour, after playing Whole Lotta Love and Jimmy Jam, also playing in Olaïve Interview[what?].


Riff or jam
Name Bombtrack
Artist Rage Against the Machine
Writer/composer Tom Morello
Appearance 2008
Played as an outro to Bliss, along with Whole Lotta Love, during the 2008 Royal Albert Hall gig.


Riff or jam
Name Bored‎
Artist Deftones
Writer/composer Deftones
Appearance 28th September 2010, 30th July 2011, 28th August 2011

Bulls on Parade

Riff or jam
Name Bulls on Parade
Artist Rage Against the Machine
Writer/composer Tom Morello
Appearance 8th April 2001
Played once at Nottingham Rock City in 2001.

Burning Bridges

Riff or jam
Name Burning Bridges (aka Irish riff)
Artist Status Quo
Writer/composer Francis Rossi
Appearance 22nd August 20065th March 2010, 30th July 2011
This riff is from the song "Burning Bridges" by Status Quo from the album Ain't Complaining, released in 1988. Occasionally played before "Plug In Baby" during the Black Holes and Revelations tour and during The Resistance tour. This riff was first played live at the Eden Project, 22nd August 2006. [watch].

Close Encounters

Riff or jam
Name Close Encounters
Artist Original
Writer/composer Muse
Appearance 16th June 200712th April 2008
Sometimes played before "Knights of Cydonia", it made its début during the first night at Wembley Stadium. The riff is named after its similarity to the motif used to contact extraterrestrial life in the 1977 Steven Spielberg film 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind'.

Endless Nameless

Riff or jam
Name Endless Nameless
Artist Nirvana
Writer/composer Kurt Cobain, Krist Novoselic, Dave Grohl
Appearance 2nd April 2010, 5th June 2010, 28th August 2011

Enter Sandman

Riff or jam
Name Enter Sandman
Artist Metallica
Writer/composer James Hetfield, Kirk Hammett, Lars Ulrich
Appearance 14th April 2010

Entrance of the Gladiators

Riff or jam
Name Entrance of the Gladiators, Thunder and Blazes
Artist Louis-Phillipe Laurendeau
Writer/composer Julius Fučík
Appearance 24th August 200223rd November 2007
Originally a military march composed in 1897 by the Czech composer Julius Fučík, and later rearranged for a smaller band in 1910 by Canadian composer Louis-Phillipe Laurendeau. It was played during a few gigs between 2002 and 2007.

Étude Op. 10, № 1

Riff or jam
Name Étude Op. 10, № 1
Artist Frédéric Chopin
Writer/composer Frédéric Chopin
Appearance 12th March 2007- 16th June 200723rd June 2007

Études Simples № 6

Riff or jam
Name Études Simples #6
Artist Leo Brouwer
Writer/composer Leo Brouwer
Appearance 16th June 2007, 24th October 2009, 8th June 2010, 22nd May 2011
Composed by Cuban composer, guitarist and conductor Leo Brouwer, Études Simples № 6 was played before Unintended at the Wembley Stadium gigs in 2007.


Riff or jam
Name Fire
Artist Jimi Hendrix
Writer/composer Jimi Hendrix
Appearance 21st October 2007

The Fly

Riff or jam
Name The Fly
Artist U2
Writer/composer U2
Appearance 9th April 2011


Riff or jam
Name Freedom
Artist Rage Against the Machine
Writer/composer Rage Against the Machine
Appearance 4th April 2001, 6th June 2010


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